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Global Atlas

As part of a larger goal to develop a unified, spatially-comprehensive post-LGM global RSL database, in a special issue published in Quaternary Science Reviews, we presented the inception of a standardized global synthesis of regional RSL data that resulted from our first workshops in 2016 and 2017. The HOLSEA meetings brought together sea-level researchers to agree upon a consistent protocol to standardize, interpret, and incorporate realistic uncertainties of RSL data. The special issue provides RSL data from ten geographical regions including new databases from Atlantic Europe, the Russian Arctic, and Israel, and revised/expanded databases from the British Isles, the Netherlands, the western Mediterranean, the Adriatic, Atlantic Canada, Peninsular Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean. In total, the database derived from this special issue includes 5634 (5290 validated) index (n = 3202) and limiting points (n = 2088) that span from ~20,000 years ago to present.

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